Ongoing Projects

Codename: "The Project"

Sadly Postboned... (21.4.22)

The Project will be a Action RPG playing in a fantasy apocalyptic setting. 

The fighting system is currently planned to be a mixture of the system used in For Honor and The Witcher. I think a combination of these two systems with some influences from Darks Souls will create a good mixture of creating your character with basic stats like: 

  • HP
  • Stamina / Stamina Regeneration
  • Elemental Damage Types
  • Elemental Armors
  • Blockable and unblockable attacks
  • A dodging system 
  • etc

You will have the opportunity to build your character as you wish. You can focus on different Elements and attacks and still beat the game but you will have a hard time against some enemies at least.

Upload Videos will be uploaded here, so you have a general Idea of what we are working on right now:

Update 1 

01.02.2022 17:40

In Update 1 I was playing around with animations for a character from Mixamo.

I was also messing around with the basics of a lock on target system.