Robots n Lasers

What is Robots n Lasers?

"Robots n Lasers is a fast paced shooter game, in which you have to fight yourself through dark corridors and starlit floating platforms. Fight against different enemy types designed to adapt your playstyle according to which enemy compositions you currently are facing."

Download it by clicking on the link below.

The game comes with 4 Levels each with 3 different variants. So there is a normal Level and for each Level there are two Challenge Levels. In addidtion to that there is a boss level you have to unlock and beat to win the game.

Normal: The Bots have high reaction times and deal normal damage.

Challenge 1: The Bots are pretty fast in reacting to the player and deal higher damage. In addidtion to that the map has been altered. In some Levels may be new dangers and paths.

Challenge 2: The Bots are very fast in reacting, they deal very high damage and are very resistant to shots from you. There will be more enemies and dangers on this variant of the map. Some of the bot variants will be able to oneshot you.

Robots n Lasers is my first little project i published at the steam store at the 29.12.2021. It was a learning project for myself to see if i can complete a smaller scale project and publish it.

It worked.

You can select between 3 Weapons, can unlock 17 Steam Achievements and upgrade your character.

There are 6 enemy types you are fighting against. Melee Fighters, Mages or Sniper who are shooting homing projectiles. 

You can use 4 different abilites to evade and attack enemies. Some of these abilites can also be upgraded.